How Samsung Warranty Programme Works In All Countries,.



How Samsung Warranty Programme Works In All Countries,.

What Samsung will never disclose to you about their warranty policy is that which ever country you buy your device thats where you can also claim your warranty,the last time i went to Dubai for a holiday trip i bought a Samsung galaxy s8+ from a Samsung store over there,and when i got back to my country i notice that my screen started flickering after some time ,i took it to a Samsung store in my country and i was ask to pay for it that the device is a Dubai phone ,and i told them that is Samsung not Samsung there customer service person replied me yes but warranty is not warranty i was surprise thats when she explain ever-thing to me..

If you are a tourist i will advice you to take your mind off the Samsung warranty benefits when buying their device because if you buy a SAMSUNG PHONE lets say when you visited ALGERIA and when you traveled back to INDIA your phone had issue and you dont even know when you will visit ALGERIA again so i will advice you to always buy a device in the country you visit or stay to avoid too many explanation.

Most times i have seen dealers who sell other countries in their own country ,E.G your in NIGERIA and you went to a dealer to purchase a warranty phone and since you dont know how to check warranty when buying a phone you will believe anything the dealer tells you,most of those dealers sell other country phone to you.

My advice is for you to have a writing agreement that when ever that phone have issue and you visit a SAMSUNG SERVICE CENTER and there ask you to pay money that the phone is not from that region you can refer back to your agreement and SUE the dealer.

So sorry to say but i need you to know that if you buy a SAMSUNG PHONE in the U.S your warranty is valid in the U.S and it is applicable to other countries .. i hope this help..


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