Five Common Issues With The New Samsung Galaxy A10.



When Samsung introduce the new a series to the market i know a whole a lot of people was happy because of all the goodies that we believe will come along with the new Samsung affordable device.

But after the price released and the phone launch into the market i notice a lot of complains from the just released device device,but never to worry because there is always a way to get it back from Samsung no matter the country that you find your self in,im going to list the common issues i have notice from the just released Samsung A10…below.

Common Issues With The New Samsung Galaxy A10.

1. POOR SIGNAL– If you are a phone lover you will surely know how important it is not to have issue with your mobile network,i mean we all know how frustrating that issue is,from my research i was told to up-greade my new device before using it maybe thats why i notice that network or maybe not.

2.HANGS A LOT– When i say this is crazy i really mean its crazy,but since its a small device from the giant mobile company i never expected it to have that hanging issue always but my previous device was higher though maybe thats why i though this will be supper fast too,but since the RAM is small you can just reduce somethings in the phone and your good to go..

 3.SCREEN GOES BLANK ON ITS OWN- I dont know if you or any body around you have notice that the a series goes blank on its on and most user gets frustrated about this.


4. MOISTURE DICTATED- we all know what moisture means but when it comes to our phone not charging its really disgusting non the less there is always a way to fix this issue,if your try drying the device and the issue continues please kindly take it to a SAMSUNG AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER.


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